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Welcome to Overbrook Farms, whose developers marketed it as "The Suburb Deluxe." The neighborhood was established in 1892 as a planned commuter development, centering around the Overbrook train station. Overbrook Farms is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and has an application pending for historic certification in Philadelphia.

This walking tour is sponsored by the Overbrook Farms Club under a grant from The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. It will introduce you to some of its historically significant and architecturally fascinating locations. We hope that the more you learn about Overbrook Farms, the more you will want to know. There is more about Overbrook Farms in other portions of our website. Look deeper by finding "Images of America Overbrook Farms," scheduled for publication by Arcadia Publishers in September.

We encourage you to use this application as you walk through the neighborhood to explore buildings we have highlighted, and to delight in treasures you unearth on your own. Return to our walking tour occasionally to discover new entries. If you have specific locations that you would like to know more about, or think should be added to the walking tour, please contact us at info@overbrookfarmsclub.org.

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